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Candle wax is the main component of the latter. Each type of wax has different qualities. Choosing the right type of wax is of prime importance when making your own candles.

Our waxes allow you to make your crafting dreams come true: follow our advice and choose the wax that's right for what you want to do.

The 100% healthy candle

Vegetable wax for candles is 100% healthy. Because its components are of natural origin, it is perfectly safe to use in your home. It does not produce black smoke, no toxic substances are released and you can breathe freely without worrying. Our vegetable waxes are made from natural components: rapeseed, soya, sunflowers etc.

Our waxes are free from GMOs and toxic products, meaning you can make your home smell lovely with no risk. What's more, our vegetable waxes burn more slowly than others, so they last longer.

Beeswax for candles

Beeswax allows you to make high-quality poured and moulded candles. It enables the making of healthy economical candles. This wax actually burns very slowly with a flash point of 61°, which is slightly higher than the others.

Because of this characteristic, the wax lasts longer and you'll be saving wax as well as saving money. What's more, the natural fragrance is very pleasant and you'll love the different aromas that the wax will add to your candle, as well as to the room where you choose to light it.

Paraffin wax

Paraffin wax is very easy to work with and is of mineral origin. It is pure, odourless and colourless and can be used to make candles both with and without additives. The combustion of this product is delicate and harmonious: it burns in a regular manner.

You'll find paraffin waxes in gel form, with or without additives. This wax is very widely used, particularly because it is very easy to handle, but also because it diffuses fragrances perfectly. This wax is therefore ideal for making scented candles.

Special effects waxes

It's always a good idea to decorate your home with candles in your favourite colours and fragrances. Use our special effects waxes to create original candles that will brighten up your rooms. You'll get results that suit your style, with lovely effects and colours that you've chosen yourself.

Amongst the special effects waxes, you'll find palm wax that's perfect for making poured candles because it clings to the container (glass, pot, etc.) and diffuses fragrance particularly well. You'll also find all our coloured wax crackers for making chunk candles.

It's important to make a candle the way you want it to be, but to do that you must first choose the wax that's best suited to your project. The wax is the base of your candle and will determine how you proceed with the project. If you want to learn to make candles like a professional, why not join one of our training courses?

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