Candle wicks

The wick is an essential element in candle making. Its function is to allow the wax to reach the flame and maintain it by burning. It is important to choose the right wick size, as a wick that is too thin can be drowned by the wax, while a wick that is too thick will not have enough fuel to be fed.

What is the wick for?

The wick is the engine of your candle. The wick is what allows the candle to function by bringing the wax to the flame and keeping it burning. When the wax is heated, it turns into liquid that feeds the flame through the wick. For the candle to stay lit, it is necessary to have liquid wax and ambient air. The wick therefore plays a crucial role in the candle combustion process.

A catalog adapted to all needs

There are many types of wicks, including waxed wicks, coil wicks and wooden wicks. The waxed wick is wrapped in wax, perfect for a quick ignition, while the wooden wick produces a pleasant crackling sound when it burns. Coil wicks are the most common and are mainly used in molded candles. Whatever type of wick you choose, it is important to be careful not to use a wick that is too thin or too thick in order to get the best combustion for your candle.

It's your turn!

DIY candles are within everyone's reach: follow our advice on the "products" sheets and our guides to choose all the necessary components. Create homemade candles that suit you with the scents of your desires!

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