Candle wicks

When making a candle, several elements are important, one of which is the wick. The wick brings the wax to the flame and becomes the burning medium. Take a wick that is too thin and it will drown. Take a wick that is too thick and there will not be enough fuel to feed it.

What is the wick for?

The wick is the engine of your candle. It is the wick that will allow the heat to reach the wax. In the next step, the heat burns the wax into a liquid that fuels the flame of your candle. In this way, the liquid wax is pumped through your wick. Your wax and the ambient air are therefore the two essential elements for maintaining the flame.

Which candle wick should I choose?

Our different wicks

Your wick can be made of different materials. There are two main families of products: braided candle wicks and wrapped candle wicks. The former is more common, while the latter has a faster start. There are also wooden candle wicks.

Here are some explanations to help you choose the best candle wick for your project.

Braided wicks

Braided candle wicks are the most common. They are simpler in design and overall make for an easy to make creation. You will find wicks in linen, hemp or cotton in our shop. We know that there are several types of braiding in this family of wicks:

  • Flat braid

We advise you to use this type of candle wick when making a paraffin candle. It is very suitable for this type of creation and also has a considerable advantage: it is economical.

  • Square braiding

Square braiding is not very common: it is often used to make candles or outdoor candles. You can therefore use it to make candles with larger diameter requirements.

  • Round braiding

We recommend using this type of wick for beeswax candles. This type of wick is good to use if your candle contains more than 60% stearin or for vegetable waxes.

  • Waxed wicks

Waxed candle wicks are already wrapped in wax. This gives it an advantage: it lights very quickly and sets immediately. You can use these wicks for paraffin or gel candles.

  • Wooden wicks

Wooden candle wicks are also a good option. In addition to being of natural origin, they produce a crackling sound when the wick burns, reminiscent of a wood fire. Unlike cotton wicks, for example, it never sags. Moreover, it does not produce any odour when extinguished and avoids spreading unpleasant smells.

It's up to you!

DIY candles are within everyone's reach: follow our tips for choosing all the components of your candle. Create your own candles with the scents you want, the moulds you want and the wax you want.

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