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Materials to make your own candles (DIY)

Terre de Bougies offers you a wide range of tools and materials to make your own candles.

Working with quality materials is essential to ensure that your candles are made properly. Terre de Bougies only works with trusted brands and offers the same tools and materials in its kits.

The material provided by Terre de Bougies is aimed at both amateurs and professionals. Some references are more suitable for large-scale production, so please take the time to define your needs. There are always some essentials when creating candles.

If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us at 03 89 22 77 65 or to consult our training courses which will enable you to learn how to make candles.

Waterbaths, cast iron appliances & more!

Terre de Bougies has selected for you all the equipment and tools to make your own candles at home.

The iam is to allow you to equip yourself entirely in the same place. Everything you need is available!

These accessories and machines for making and customising your candles are essential to produce high-quality pieces. Below you will find a selection of accessories and machines that are essential for the success of your creations.

Candle making requires a large quantity of small accessories which are sometimes hard to find. Terre de Bougies has brougth them all together for you! Thermometer, wick holder, mould holder and others will allow you to have a complete set of equipment to free your imagination!

Every product has been tested and approved by Terre de Bougies. You can be sure to buy a quality product that will meet all your expectations.

References for individuals and professionals

The Terre de Bougies catalogue is aimed at both amateurs who wish to make a few candles and professionals who need to produce on a larger scale.

It is also an opportunity for individuals who wish to start a professional activity to find the right equipment to get them startedh.

For professionals, Terre de Bougies offers a complete catalogue of candle-making supplies and equipment. You can find complete appliances and melters, as well as immersion devices for large-scale production.

For individuals, some references close to professional products are available at a lower cost. These are high quality tools that are perfectly suited for candle making at home. They will allow you to create perfect candles!

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