Decoration for Candles making

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Embellish your DIY candles with original customisations

Natural micas, paints, glitter, wax strips, pens and transfers. So many original and essential decorations for successful and unique candles.

For the holidays or a special occasion, don't hesitate to dress up your candles!

Colouring your DIY candles

In order to personalise the colour of your candles, we offer 3 methods of colouring: powder, grain or liquid.

Mica powder

Natural mica is a mineral colouring agent based on pigmented products that can be used to tint your candles, fondant or cosmetics. These mica powders are very easy to use.

Granular dyes

Express the philosophy of your candle with its colour! We offer granulated candle dyes in many different shades. In reality, the colour may vary slightly from that shown on our website.

Liquid dyes

Our candle dyes are very concentrated but perfect for colouring your wax and gel candles. Used with a pipette, they are very easy to use. You can also mix colours for an original result. Our dyes are available in 27 ml / 250 ml bottles in a choice of 6 colours: yellow, orange, red, green, blue and fuchsia.

The pigments

Our pigments have a high concentration. It is therefore advisable to use them mainly in dipping waxes. Unlike standard colours, pigment colours are lightfast and your creations will retain their colour intensity. However, they are only suitable for surface colouring of white candles or candles coloured with aniline colours.

Marbling your candles

These dyes can also be used with other materials such as paper, glass, wood, metal or plastic.

Glitter, varnish & original decoration

Decorate your candles with glitter, varnish, raffia or ornamental pastes. You can also find dried flowers or braided threads.

Quality wax strips

The decorative wax strip offers an interesting quality and flexibility. Self-adhesive, it is ideal for decorating your candles. It adheres perfectly to wax, glass, plastic, wood and paper.

Candle Transfers

Candle transfers are ideal for decorating your candles, glass or plastic holders with fine and elegant designs.

Candle Pens

Candle pens are ideal for drawing and writing on your candles. With these pens, you can easily decorate your creations, thanks to its applicator tip. The paint can be applied with a brush or sponge.

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