Improve your candle making techniques or learn the basics with our training courses. We provide training courses delivered by experts for professionals as well as hobby candle makers.

Learn easily with our training courses which are held in small groups.

The objective of our training courses

Our training courses have a simple purpose: to enable you to be in control and informed in all types of situations. We provide workshops for professional candle makers as well as for those who just want to learn how to make candles at home. We put our expertise in candle making at your service.

Create your own home-made candles

Making your own candles can be more complicated than it seems. To ensure you have the necessary knowledge, we offer a range of workshops where you can learn to make your own candles.

From the selection of wax to setting up, you'll learn two skills: how to make melts and moulded candles and how to make your own poured scented candles.

Personalised assistance

Terre de Bougies also offers you workshops combining theory and practice. We provide you with personalised assistance. You'll find the answer to all your professional problems on our courses, from learning about your legal obligations to how to create a safety information sheet.

The support of our expert will enable you to deal more easily with the various procedures and give you effective and concise help in the process.

Why choose our training courses?

Whatever your situation, Terre de Bougies is aimed both at private individuals and businesses in the world of candles.

You'll find the training you need in our range. Learn to make your own candles with expert tuition and get advice on candle making directly from a trader.

Making your own candles will become child's play and you'll have all the basic knowledge you need to make progress. Our aim is also to help professionals from the candle sector save time.

Find candle making training including how the law affects your business, get highly professional safety information sheets that will enable you to sell your candles legally.

How our training courses are organised

Our training courses are provided by professionals from the candle sector. You will learn all the techniques to enable you to make classic, scented and moulded candles and melts. Before you can begin to design a candle, you need to understanding how they work. This is why we invite you to take part in our courses as a private individual.

The training courses are aimed both at beginners and professional candle makers (depending on the objective). The courses last for between 90 minutes and five hours. The courses are organised for small groups to promote discussion and ensure individual attention from the tutor.

  - Scented candle making techniques (Waxes, wicks, additives, fragrances).

  - All about waxes (vegetable wax, mineral wax, wicks, dyes, fragrances, moulds and equipment).

  - Moulded candle and melt making techniques (types of waxes, choosing wicks, dyes, additives).

  - Commercial strategies (evolution of the market, behavioural changes)

  - Personalised assistance

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