100% virgin beeswax - 1 kg
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Beeswax chips

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Beeswax is used to make moulded candles or votive candles. It is also used as an additive in scented candles or in cosmetic preparations

Our wax is composed of 100% beeswax

You can use this wax to make moulded or votive candles. Beeswax is very useful as an additive to make the wax brighter and smoother, it contributes to a better olfactory rendering in your scented creations.

How to use beeswax chips

  • To make 100% beeswax moulded candles: For moulded candles, if you use pure beeswax we advise you to use only silicone or latex moulds. 100% pure beeswax is not suitable for rigid polycarbonate moulds.
  • For scented candles: add 5 to 10% beeswax at 75°C to your scented mixture
  • For scented wax melts: add 5% beeswax to the soy wax, this will make the scented wax melts more brilliant and will contribute to a better olfactory result

Other features
Type of use Additive Cosmetic Moulded candle Soap
Packaging Pellets
Colour of the wax Yellow.
Compatible wick Eco Series new Round wick
Melting point 60°C - 65°C
Working temperature 75°C
Type of wax Animal
Origin Europe

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