Pack Plant-based Candles Jars  - Events
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    Pack Plant-based Candles Jars - Events

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    Pack of 8 candles in glasses

    Are you organising an event (wedding, birthday, party, etc.)? If you want to surprise or treat someone, we offer a pack to help you to make your candles quickly.

    This set will help you to easily make 8 superb candles in jars with lids. 
    No need to think, we have done the work selecting the best wax for you along with the wick that best suits the container.
    With or without fragrance, this kit is a guarantee for making 8 candles easily.

    This set includes:

    • 2kg 100% plant-based soy wax
    • 8 jars with lids with 212ml capacity.
    • 30 wicks
    • 1 thermometer with probe
    • 20 wick sustainers

    The advantages of this set:

    • Creating the candles is easy
    • Burning time of 1 candle: 30-35 hours
    • The wax is guaranteed to be 100% plant-based.
    • The glass holders are reusable (for decoration, jam, etc) after being washed in hot water.
    • It is possible to scent the wax with our fragrances (15ml of fragrance per candle), be careful to mix the fragrance in well at a temperature of 70°C.  

    Making the candles:

    • Melt the wax at 90°C maximum*
    • Fill the jar leaving 1cm at top of the candle
    • After 10 minutes place the wick in the centre of the candle
    • Leave it to cool
    • Cut the wick 1cm from the surface.

    This pack does not include instructions.
    A candle contains 150g of wax.

    Other features
    Type of wax Plant-based

    No english reviews, but there are some in french. See reviews

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