The different types of candles

There are several different types of candles. To start with, you need to be able to distinguish and understand the different types of candles.

Moulded candles

Moulded candles are made in moulds, enabling the making of candles in a variety of shapes.
The principle is very simple, the liquid wax is poured into the mould and then removed once it has hardened.

Making moulded candles is very easy.

Understanding how to make moulded candles

Poured candles (in containers)

Poured candles (glasses, pots, tins) are widely available in the shops.
Container candles are particularly suitable for adding fragrances.
Making a scented candle isn't complicated, but you need to take care over your choice of wax and wick as well as measuring the fragrance correctly.

Understanding how to make scented candles

Carved candles

candleThese stunning candles are made entirely by hand. All kinds of different shapes and colours can be produced.Starting with a paraffin wax candle which is then dipped around forty times into baths of liquid wax in different colours. The basic colours make it possible to create an infinite number of different shades. When the wax is hot, and depending on the results required, the candles are carved by cutting, turning and twisting. The making of this type of candle is for experienced candle makers only.

Tea lights

Tea lights are made in a little metal cup. They are often used for ambient lighting or below a plate warmer or chafing dish.

It is very easy to make a tea light. Depending on the wax used (soya or beeswax), the burning time will be two to three times longer than a shop-bought tea light. Making this type of candle is very easy.

See the tea light mould.

Votive candles

Votive candles are very popular, small moulded candles designed to be burned in small containers suited to their size and shape.

Depending on the wax used, the burning time will be 10 to 15 hours. 
Making a votive candle is very easy.

See the mould for votive candles

Gel candles

Very fashionable around ten years ago, gel candles in paraffin wax are beautiful pieces with decorations inside the gel.

You can create different shades of colour and add a fragrance.

Gel candles are still very original.

Find out how to make a gel candle

And also...

Candle wax also makes it possible to make perfumed pebbles and tea-light lanterns. Give free rein to your creativity!

We are available to help: contact us and we will advise you in your choices and the candle making process.
Take part in our workshops and masterthe techniques of candle making.

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