Red liquid dye for candles

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Liquid dye

This oil-based Red dye is ideal for dyeing your candles.This is a dye that is very well-suited to dyeing the entirety of the candle. It is suitable for dying all types of wax, and in particular crystal gel wax. You can also dye oil for your oil lamp.

The recommended proportion is approximately 15ml of dye to 1kg of wax (depending on the desired colour intensity).


  • Excellent quality, very concentrated for crystal gel wax
  • Does not impair the candle's burning
  • Long storage life.
  • Easy to use and measure (use of pipette recommended)
  • Can be mixed with other dyes


Cold Process Soap
Type of colouring Mass
Other features
Creative use(s) Molded Vegetable Candles / Poured candles in containers
Packaging Liquid
Compatible waxes All types of wax / but most of all wax for Crystal Gel
Color Red
    What are the differences between pigments and dyes?

    Bekro dyes & pigments for your candle creations

    Pigments are used to colour the outside of a moulded candle, much like a varnish.
    The dyes in grains/flakes allow to tint the wax of the candle completely, it is a soluble dye for vegetable and mineral waxes.

    Why use liquid dyes in my candles?

    Liquid dyes for easy mixing with mineral or vegetable waxes

    Liquid candle dyes can also be used with mineral or vegetable waxes.
    The dosage is more precise and the colours can be mixed together very easily.

  • Safety data sheet (280 Kb)


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