Sphere Oil Lamp Brass with striated glass

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Enhance your interior with our spherical lamp with a brass wick holder

Exclusively at Terre de Bougies

Sphere Oil Lamp Brass 11cm, in striated glass, with child safety brass steel wick holder

Striated Glass Sphere Oil Lamp

Bring a little class and refinement to your interior with this Sphere Oil Lamp Brass. Exclusively at Terre de Bougies.

This spherical Oil Lamp Brass in striated glass will adapt perfectly to your interior decoration and could be used to illuminate and warm up your home with elegance. This lamp has a special child safety brass steel wick holder.

Practical, it will adapt to all the rooms of your house, and will make an ideal gift for family and friends!

The oil is not supplied with this article so we advise you to use this one: Vegetable Oil for Lamps

Characteristics :

  • Diameter: 11cm
  • Child safety wick holder
  • Wick holder color: chrome

How to use the oil lamp:

1. Remove the wick holder by pressing/turning without removing the wick completely, then insert the funnel into the tube and fill the lamp half or 3/4 full with lamp oil.

2.Adjust the wick so that it comes out of the tube only by 1-2 mm. Place the tube in the lamp and wait 10 minutes.

3. Light the wick. To avoid smoke, the flame should not exceed 2 cm in height.

4. To adjust the size of the flame, turn off the lamp, wait for the tube to cool down and adjust the height of the wick again.

5. After use, do not touch the end of the tube.


  • Clean with any glass cleaner.
  • Avoid shocks and knocks.
  • Our oil lamps have fibreglass wicks that can burn for years without adjustment or replacement.
  • Always use lamp oil.


  • Do not expose the oil lamp to direct sunlight. Under certain conditions, some glass shapes can concentrate sunlight on nearby surfaces and can cause combustion.
  • Always keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not leave oil lamps unattended.
  • Do not use perfumes and/or dyes with the oil for lamps


Swallowing lamp oil or putting the wick in your mouth can cause potentially fatal lung damage. If oil is swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a doctor immediately or contact a poison control centre with these warnings.

*Oil and funnel not included

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Type of use Oil lamp

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