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Container candles wax - C3 Cargill 

Soy wax is an excellent solution for making your own candles because it has various advantages. When making your candle only one pouring is necessary. It saves a lot of time! It's melting point at 51°C also makes your work easier and quicker, as it is a fast process.

If you want to add fragrance to your candle, soy wax is especially suitable. It gives an excellent rendition of the fragrances and does not alter them, since the wax doesn't have an odour. Its specific properties guarantee a beautiful, bright, sparkling flame throughout the life of your candle.

C3 Cargill for container candles

As its name indicates, poured soy wax is ideal for making poured candles! It can be used with any type of container, whether glass, plastic, or metal (aluminium, for example). The characteristics of soy wax guarantee flawless solidity and very good adhesion.

A quality soy wax

Our soy wax C3 for poured candles is guaranteed to be GMO- and pesticide-free, with an outstanding quality. It is 100% biodegradable and natural. In addition, it does not emit any toxic substance and therefore a healthy environment is guaranteed. Finally, this wax is not tested on animals and is therefore certified as being cruelty free.

During burning time, your soy wax candle will not smoke and its fragrance is neutral if you don't add any candle fragrance.

You can therefore be assured of using products that respect not only the environment, but also your home and health.

We recommend using soy wax

Candle fragrances

This soy C3 wax can be used with all types of fragrances, but we recommend choosing good quality ones. A bottom of the range fragrance may alter the way the candle burns and not provide an optimal scent.

If you use our candle fragrances, don't exceed 70% fragrance per kilo, more is not necessary and can impair the candle's burning.

Filling the candle

Melt the wax slowly, do not exceed 90°C. The melting point is around 51°C. After pouring, leave to cool in an ambient temperature up to 20°-25°C.

Candle wicks

With Cargill soy C3 wax, we advise using TCR type candle wick, to be chosen to suit the diameter of your container.

Candle dyes

On our site, you'll find a whole range of dyes to give your candles beautiful colours. These are available in powders, liquid or shavings. You add them during the heating phase, when it reaches at least 70°C, and mix well to ensure that the colour is evenly spread. If you also add fragrance, it will be incorporated at the end of this stage.

Cooling the candle

Once the pouring has taken place, you need to leave the candle in an ambient temperature and let it rest for 48 hours before using it. This also ensures that the candle will be very stable!

Soy wax wholesaler for candles

We are able to offer you a supplier of soy wax for cast candles. This soy wax is eligible for wholesale from 450kg per reference and per order.

To do this you simply need to select the "bulk: request a quote" option at the top right of the product sheet. By selecting this option next to the weight declinations, we will receive your quote by email and we will be able to contact you as soon as possible to propose a suitable offer.

Other products are also eligible for wholesale! Find out more on our wholesale offer information page.

Other features
Type of use Poured candles in containers / Scented melts/pebbles
Packaging Flakes
Colour of the wax Ivory.
Type of wax Plant-based / Soy
Origin USA
Melting point 51°C
Other features
Composition Not tested on animals;
    What is the difference between professional and ready-to-use soy wax for your container candles?

    Soy wax for scented candles in unique containers

    C3 Professional Soy Wax is a 100% soy wax that requires the addition of additives such as stearin and others for optimal performance.

    The 4130 ready-to-use soy wax is a formulated wax that is ready to be used directly and does not require the addition of any special additives for optimal results.

    What is the difference between container wax and moulded candle wax?

    Container candle wax is wax that is poured into containers (glass, metal, etc.) and burns in the container, whereas moulded candle wax is wax that is poured into a mould (silicone, polycarbonate, glass, etc.) and then removed from the mould to be burned.

    Container candle wax will adhere to the walls of the container, whereas moulded candle wax will create a slight shrinkage to allow it to be removed from the mould, and can also be used to make scented fondant.

    Can soy waxes for candles in containers be used to make scented melts ?

    Soy wax in containers (C3 & 4130) is not suitable for creating scented melts

    The professional and ready-to-use soy wax for container candles is not suitable for the creation of scented melts.

    We recommend the use of a wax for moulded candles & scented melts (4120 & Colza).

  • Safety data sheet (275 Kb)

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