Soya wax for moulded candles

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Soya wax Kerax 4120 for moulded candles and wax melts.

Attention: Given the climatic conditions, we strongly recommend the addition of 10% beeswax in order to obtain an optimal result.

Wax for creating moulded candles and wax melts.
This wax is easy to use for creating moulded candles in latex, polycarbonate and metal moulds. It emits no toxic substances and is 100% biodegradable. In addition, it does not emit smoke or odour.It is perfect for making scented moulded candles or wax melts, because the fragrance diffuses well.This wax can be easily used with fragrances and dyes.



  • For creating moulded candles and wax melts: this wax is suitable for moulded candles. Thanks to its perfect combustion, your candles will diffuse the fragrance very well.
  • For optimum results, add your fragrance to the wax at between 75 and 77°C, then pour into your moulds at between 70 and 72°C.
Other features
Type of use Molded Vegetable Candles / Scented melts/pebbles
Packaging Flakes / Granules
Colour of the wax Ivory.
Type of wax Plant-based / Soy
Origin United Kingdom
Weight 20 kg / 5 kg / 80kg (4 cartons)
Melting point 48.9°C
    What is the difference between container wax and moulded candle wax?

    Container candle wax is wax that is poured into containers (glass, metal, etc.) and burns in the container, whereas moulded candle wax is wax that is poured into a mould (silicone, polycarbonate, glass, etc.) and then removed from the mould to be burned.

    Container candle wax will adhere to the walls of the container, whereas moulded candle wax will create a slight shrinkage to allow it to be removed from the mould, and can also be used to make scented fondant.

  • Safety data sheet (275 Kb)


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