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Eco stearin Crystal effect

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Crystal effect stearin for moulded candles, cast candles and scented wax melts

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Palm stearin contributes to better combustion and fragrance retention, facilitates solidification and can be easily coloured. It can also be used to mould candles in complex shapes, giving a crystalline effect with saturated and uniform colours.

Crystal stearin is identical to conventional stearin, the difference being that it crystallises when cooled, giving it a beautiful crystal appearance.

Crystal stearin in candle making

This stearin can be used alone or in addition to all types of wax. It makes your candles harder and increases their life span considerably.

You can use 10-40% stearin with all types of wax. Stearin increases the melting point of your candles (useful when creating wax objects, candle holders etc.).

You can also use stearin wax to make moulded or cast candles with a crystal effect (use a strong wick for stearin).

Be careful with moulded candles, as it is difficult to remove from the mould and is not suitable for beginners (do not use silicone or latex moulds).

Important information about stearin wax

  • Increases the burning time of a candle
  • Makes the colours more intense
  • Makes the wax more opaque
  • Makes it possible to make moulded candles (100% stearin)
  • Allows you to make scented wax melts (100% stearin), the olfactory rendering is very efficient
  • Improves the olfactory result (5 to 10%) with a soy wax
  • Makes the candle harder which avoids small cracks

Caution: it is not recommended to use latex moulds with stearin, it is better to use plastic and metal moulds.

Data sheet

Type of use Moulded candle Additive
Colour of the wax White
Weight 1 kg 5 kg
Melting point 59°C - 62°C
Working temperature 80°C
Type of wax Plant-based Additive Effects
Vegan Not tested on animals" and "Vegan"

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