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Soya wax + Beeswax for wax melt

    100% Soya wax + white beeswax for wax melts

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    This pack will allow you to make great wax melts. The content of the pack contain 5kg of soya wax with 250g of beeswax.


    Soya wax


    125 g

    118 g

    7 g

    250 g

    236 g

    14 g

    500 g

    475 g

    25 g

    1000 g

    950 g

    50 g

    Instructions :

    After mixing soya wax with beeswax, following the mixtures indicated above, it will be necessary to let both melt. 

    • Mix the 2 waxes for 30 seconds

    • When the temperature reaches 77°C, you can add your dye.

    • Around 75°C, you can add your perfume (8 to 15% depending on the desired olfactory expected).

    • Mix for 1 minute.

    • Around 73°C, pour your mixture into your mold.

    • Let cool for 1 hour

    • Proceed with demoulding

    Note that this mixture is not suitable for use with molded candles.

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    Origin USA
    Melting point 51°C
    Maximum temperature 80°C
    Type of wax Plant-based, Soya, Animal
    Type of use Scented melts/pebbles
    Vegan Not tested on animals" and "Vegan"

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