Rapeseed & Coconut Wax Blend

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This mixture consists largely of rapeseed wax and a small amount of coconut wax for the creation of scented candles in container.

Opt for our Rapeseed & Coconut wax blend Cargill Elite 600

This blend of rapeseed wax and coconut oil is specially formulated for the creation of scented candles in containers.

The advantages of the Rapeseed & Coconut blend

  • Easy to use without additives
  • Specially developed for scented container candles
  • Low consumption
  • Excellent scent retention during combustion.

This blend of rapeseed wax and coconut oil is formulated exclusively in Europe and is based on refined vegetable triglycerides. This wax is completely free of paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax and synthetic additives.

How do you cut the wax into blocks?

The melting point of this rapeseed and coconut oil wax is very low, so cutting is very easy, almost like cutting butter. It is advisable to use a wax knife and to heat it in hot water if necessary to facilitate cutting (in winter).

Comment découper cire en bloc 

Create a candle with the Rapeseed & Coconut vegetable wax blend

We advise you to melt this wax to a maximum of 70°C, add your candle fragrance at around 65°C and pour your fragrance mixture at around 60°C.

The dosage of scented oils varies between 8 and 10% depending on your choice of fragrance.

Regarding the choice of wick, you can use the whole range of our TCR wicks according to your needs.

Depending on the fragrance and conditions, it may be necessary to re-melt the surface to smooth it. It is also possible to double cast with a thin covering layer if cracks have appeared after the first casting. The wax can also be cast at a relatively low temperature. We recommend a casting temperature of approx. 38°C and above.

Store between 20 and 70°C, protected from moisture.

Delivery in 12.5 kg blocks.

Other features
Type of use Poured candles in containers
Packaging In blocks / Per unit
Colour of the wax White.
Type of wax Coconut / Plant-based / rapeseed
Origin Europe
Weight 12.5kg
Melting point 39°C - 42°C
Working temperature 40°C - 70°C
Storage temperature 20°C maximum
    What is the difference between container wax and moulded candle wax?

    Container candle wax is wax that is poured into containers (glass, metal, etc.) and burns in the container, whereas moulded candle wax is wax that is poured into a mould (silicone, polycarbonate, glass, etc.) and then removed from the mould to be burned.

    Container candle wax will adhere to the walls of the container, whereas moulded candle wax will create a slight shrinkage to allow it to be removed from the mould, and can also be used to make scented fondant.


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