Soy wax C310 for candles in containers

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European non-GMO C310 soy wax for container candles and tea lights.

Our Cargill C310 soy wax is an exclusive blend of hydrogenated vegetable glycerides (vegetable waxes) made from European non-genetically modified soybeans. It also does not contain any animal or mineral/petroleum-based ingredients.

Why use C310 Cargill wax?

Compared to the famous C3, for example, this C310 has a much lower melting point. But not only that:

  • Neutral and very stable base odor that supports delicate fragrances
  • Smooth finish
  • Excellent hot and cold fragrance throw
  • Clean burn

Our C310 usage tips

Follow our tips to achieve excellent results in your handmade scented candles!

Melting process

The wax can be melted at around 75°C (167°F) to incorporate dyes and fragrances. Higher temperatures are allowed, but it is not recommended to heat the wax above 90°C (194°F) for extended periods to avoid altering the quality or color of the wax.

Filling your candle

The ideal pouring temperature will depend on the container size, ambient temperature, and other ingredients used. Some small-scale experimentation is highly recommended before pouring larger quantities.

The wax is tolerant of different pouring temperatures, although lower temperatures generally result in fewer surface defects and can reduce the need for a second pour. The recommended starting range is 55 to 65°C (131 to 149°F).

Rest time of your creation

The candle must cool and harden for at least 12 hours before use, preferably in a temperature-controlled environment.

Other features
Creative use(s) Poured candles in containers / Tee Light Candle Vegetable
Packaging Pellets
Type of wax Plant-based
Origin Europe
Weight 20 kg / 5 kg
Melting point 75°C
Working temperature 55 à 65°C
Storage temperature 5 - 30°C
    What is the difference between container wax and moulded candle wax?

    Container candle wax is wax that is poured into containers (glass, metal, etc.) and burns in the container, whereas moulded candle wax is wax that is poured into a mould (silicone, polycarbonate, glass, etc.) and then removed from the mould to be burned.

    Container candle wax will adhere to the walls of the container, whereas moulded candle wax will create a slight shrinkage to allow it to be removed from the mould, and can also be used to make scented fondant.


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