50 waxed TCR drill bits mounted on support
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    50 waxed TCR drill bits mounted on support

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    - Estimated delivery on 05/12/2022

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    TCR cotton wicks mounted on a holder for glasses and containers.

    Wicks for candles in containers mounted on a support

    These wicks are specially designed for making cast candles (container candles, scented candles).

    Our wicks are coated with a mixture of natural wax based on soy wax. A paper core is located at the heart of these wicks which allows a certain rigidity (very practical in the case of containers to prevent the wick from lying in the melting basin and drowning there)

    Our drill bits are untreated and comply with European REACH regulations

    Cotton wick (untreated), paper core.


    Choosing the right candle wick

    • TCR 18/10: 32 - 38 mm
    • TCR 21/12: 39 - 50 mm
    • TCR 24/12: 51 - 57 mm
    • TCR 24/14: 58 - 63 mm
    • TCR 27/16: 64 - 75 mm
    • TCR 30/18: 76 - 83 mm
    • TCR 33/18: 84 - 89 mm
    • TCR 33/20: 90 - 95 mm
    • TCR 36/20: 96 - 108 mm
    • TCR 36/22: 109 - 115 mm


    A poorly adapted low power bit will cause a crater

    Too powerful a wick will cause a large flame with high consumption

    A well adapted wick melts the wax over the entire diameter with a height of 10 mm (swimming pool)

    Our advices

    To use a coated wick on a base, pour 2mm of liquid wax into your container and immediately add your coated wick to the bottom to hold it. So after 15 seconds, your wick will be perfectly fixed in the wax. Then fill your container, leaving 7 mm of wick on the surface.

    Remember, depending on the dosage and type of wax and / or dye, it is important to perform tests to define the right wick suitable for your candles. In case of difficulty in your choice, we invite you to consult our guide to choose a candle wick.

    Other features
    Type of use Poured candles in containers
    Packaging Pack of 50
    Compatible waxes Beeswax / Palm / Rapeseed / Soya / Stearin
    Color Beige
    Length/Height of the wick 120 mm
    Composition of Wicks wick with paper core coated with natural wax

    No english reviews, but there are some in french. See reviews

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