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Candle moulds

Terre de Bougies offers you a selection of moulds for making your own candles. We offer a wide range of shapes to suit every need. This variety allows you to give free rein to your creativity and decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Moulds for classic candles

You'll find all the most common shapes of candle moulds: cylindrical, rectangular, pyramid-shaped and round. 

They may be classics, but the candles that will come out of these moulds are no less attractive and will help you create a beautiful ambiance in your living space. Terre de Bougies also offers moulds for tea lights, a classic, economical mould that's practical for everyday use.

Original candle moulds

Terre de Bougies also offers a range of moulds for unusual candles. You'll find moulds with original shapes and themed moulds to decorate for your table or for outdoor use. Christmas trees, birthday candles, screen candles, wax decorations - the choice is enormous.

You'll also find moulds specially designed for making floating candles. These are original designs that will add a really aesthetic touch to your decor.

Added extra - Not only will you find candle moulds, but also moulds that will allow you to work the wax to make wonderful decorations. They can then be displayed on their own or used to decorate another wax creation. 

Different ranges of candle moulds

Candle moulds are made in a variety of different materials. The type of material has a real effect on the quality and the making of candles. The main types are:

  • Polycarbonate moulds: heat-resistant (maximum 120°C) and transparent, ideal for coloured candles
  • Plastic moulds: low heat resistance (maximum 60°C)
  • Aluminium moulds: very resistant to high temperatures, ideal for waxes that require a great deal of heat
  • Latex moulds: useful for making candles in unusual shapes, unsuitable for use with stearin
  • Silicone moulds: top-of-the-range moulds, for use with beeswax and rapeseed wax, very easy to turn out

Using candle moulds

Candle moulds should be used differently depending on the shape of the candle. There two main types of use:

  • "Container" moulds, for classic shapes where you simply pour the wax into the container and the candle is then ready for use as soon as it has cooled
  • "Closed" moulds, where the wax must be removed completely from the mould once it has been poured and hardened.

Terre de Bougies offers training courses to help you use this type of mould. You can take advantage of the advice of experts who will guide you step by step in making your candle.

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