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Adding colour to your home-made candle

When you make your own candles, it means you get to choose the colour. There are two main ways of adding your favourite colours to the wax: dyes in granule or in liquid form.

You can also change the look of your candle by applying pigments to the surface to alter the colouring.

Liquid dyes for candles

Liquid candle dye Bekro can be a very practical way of colouring the wax of your candle. It is very suitable for Crystal Gel and just 15 ml of dye is all that's needed to colour 1 kg of wax.

Its oil-based composition ensures the colour is long-lasting but has no adverse effect on how the candle burns. In addition, the product can be stored for long periods, allowing you to keep it for future projects. You can also mix liquid dyes to get just the right blend using different shades.

Dye granules for candles

Dye granules for candles produce the same effect as liquid dyes. The dye takes fairly rapidly and has no adverse effect on how the candle burns. This type of colouring is fairly oily, making it very easy to mix into your candle wax.

It is easy to store for long periods. Measurement is very easy: the recommended quantity is 3 grammes for 1 kg of wax. The granules are suitable for use with all the types of waxes available on Terre de Bougies.

Marbled effects to enhance your creations

Creating a marbled effect on the surface of your moulded candles is very attractive and is quite simple to do. Our products for dyeing candles make the job easy for you.

Marbled colourings are based on organic solvents and can be used as you please. You can mix them with other shades. It only takes a few minutes, with a large bowl, a stick and a bit of water to create a lovely effect on your candle.

You can make your own candles with Terre de Bougies. You'll find all the equipment you need to make beautiful candles for both indoor and outdoor use. Are you a newbie to the world of candle-making? Make the most of the advice of our professionals with our training courses and learn to make gorgeous candles at home.

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