Creating a Sustainable Future

TERRE DE BOUGIES is committed to an environmental policy that is in line with the recommendations of the law on energy transition for green growth. This is why we are committed to sustainable development.

We also place the human being at the centre of our concerns, so we work ethically by guaranteeing the well-being of our employees to deliver quality services that respect everyone.

Supporting eco-citizen actions

At Terre de Bougies, we support French eco-citizen actions and we actively participate in changing the way people think by getting involved in sustainable development operations.


At the beginning of 2022, we began our collaboration with Reforest'Action to unite against global warming and the environmental challenges of our era. With the help of Reforest'Action, we become project supporters by committing to plant a tree for every order over 200 euros placed on our website.


Our reforestation projects contribute directly to the achievement of at least 3 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, which set out the path to a better and more sustainable future for all.

We are now contributing to two projects in France in the Lozère (48) in Balsièges and Vialas where the reforestation of these two forests allows the conservation and development of biodiversity on site. This approach also serves the fight against global warming on a large scale, since the trees will store carbon.

Follow our action regularly, the number of trees we have planted and the benefits they bring to the planet on our Reforest'Action page.

Make Friday Green Again

Since 2021, we no longer do Black Friday sales, in collaboration with the "Make Friday Green Again" movement, because it is contrary to our values and our commitment to the environment.

Make Friday Green Again

Since its creation in 2012, our company has always endeavoured to offer quality products, with an emphasis on organic materials, respecting the environment and at affordable prices. Therefore, it is obvious for us to confront this aggressive commercial practice by being on the warpath against Black Friday and by raising awareness in our community about the negative impact it has on the climate.

Read more about this on our blog, in our article "This is why we won't do Black Friday...".

MADE IN FRANCE before everything else!

Made in France

We work in close collaboration with French companies to offer quality Made in France products.

We prioritise short circuits where we are the only intermediary between the producer (for our perfumes in particular) and the customer. When we can, we always choose to favour these production and consumption methods.

Through this approach, we contribute directly to employment in France and more particularly to the French economy.

Managing our resources and optimising our consumption

Wastes management

PETWe use specific machines to recycle our used cardboard to be able to reuse it and give it a second life. With these used cartons, we create cushioning for the transport of our goods to avoid subcontractors and to act directly on our consumption.

In addition, we exclusively use recycled PET bags and bottles for the packaging of our waxes and perfumes. This use of PET is part of a circular economy approach and in line with our waste reduction as this plastic is totally recyclable.

Transport optimisation

TransportWhen sending our goods, we use as much recycled transport packaging as possible, adapted to the products sold according to their size and vulnerability.

This can range from sending recycled cardboard boxes to flexible delivery envelopes.

Energy management

EnergyWe use a centralized management tool for electrical devices that allows us to program the switching on and off of electrical devices by clock in our warehouse: led lighting, air conditioning/heating.

This allows us to regulate our consumption to use less electricity. As a result, our buildings and indoor facilities are carbon neutral.


Putting people at the centre of our priorities

Transversality and cooperation

Our company works with tools that allow collaboration between each employee to implement a transversality that favours collective intelligence and knowledge sharing in order to offer a fast and efficient service.

Thus, we have set up a corporate social network to enable fluid communication between all employees as well as the sharing of knowledge and actions taken. This gives everyone the opportunity to find information about the company, the figures and the different departments to promote transparency of information.

Information meeting and teambuilding:

We hold a monthly meeting with all the company's teams to share important information and highlights concerning the company.

We also organise team building events every six months, where our teams share moments of conviviality and listening during various activities to maintain team cohesion and mutual respect between our different employees.

Trust and responsibility:

We support each employee in his or her development within our company. Indeed, we trust our staff by giving them autonomy and responsibilities according to the missions they are entrusted with.

Our team members are therefore able to make proposals and become involved in the company according to its needs. In this way, the development of each individual is essential to the success of the team.

Developing our skills

Terre de Bougie trains its employees in the fields of digital technology by allowing them to take online training courses to develop their skills, according to their knowledge.

In addition, we have decided to employ apprenticeship students to train them within Terre de Bougies in different professions to give chances to the youth which, we believe, is a strength for our company and our future.

Improving working conditions

We are committed to ensuring the physical safety of every employee in our facilities, regardless of the position they hold. Therefore, our working environment is constantly evolving (through the development and extension of our buildings) in order to continuously improve our working conditions.

We also offer solutions adapted to each person's position so that our employees can find a balance between their private and professional lives, in particular with flexible working days or teleworking.

Openness to the world

Inclusion and cultural diversity are important to us, as they bring different perspectives and experiences to our company, which is, and will remain, open to the world and to others regardless of sex, gender, age, health status or background.

Gender equality

Our company has always been in favour of equal opportunities and more particularly of gender equality. As a matter of fact, we have more women than men in our workforce and we make it a priority to ensure that everyone is paid equal salaries for jobs of an equivalent nature.

Providing the best service to our customers

Quality service

We test all our products before they are marketed to ensure that they comply with the consumer safety standards in use throughout France and Europe.

We also listen to our customers' feedback on quality. When a customer makes a complaint about the quality of one of our products, we try as quickly as possible to analyse the product in question, by considering the description and the photo sent by the customer.

If a problem is detected, we will issue a product recall followed by a compensation. We guarantee to exchange your purchase or refund your money within 15 days thanks to our Money Back Guarantee. In addition, we also check the quality of the reported references, which are in stock in our warehouse.

Customer service

Our customers can call us by phone all week long from Monday to Friday to ask questions, track their requests and orders. We have also set up an instant messaging service on our website to answer your questions and queries. These services are available for free in French and English.

We also have a Terre de Bougies blog and a YouTube channel where we post free tutorials to guide our customers in their purchases and candle making.

In addition, we are present on social networks to exchange with our customers. Requests made on social networks are forwarded to the most competent departments to respond efficiently to the various requests. We already have over 14,000 fans on FacebookInstagram and TikTok!

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