CS 6000 candle stabilizer additive

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Stabilizer for candles : Anti UV, Anti oxidation and protection against thermal changes

The CS 6000 Candle Additive has been specially developed to offer optimum protection to your finished candles and all their basic components.

These basic components; dyes, fragrances and waxes are sensitive to light, heat and chemical reactions during and after production. This stabiliser therefore helps to protect your candles from light, oxidation, heat and other normal chemical reactions during candle making.

Absorption of ultraviolet rays

Light, consisting of waves of different lengths, produces energy that destroys the raw materials of the candle.

This UV absorber is specially designed to protect your candles from the light energy produced by lamps, luminaires and all UV rays.

By capturing these UV rays, the CS 6000 stabiliser prevents yellowing and discolouration of your candles.

Thermal protection

Raw candles made of wax only are generally thermally stable and heat resistant. However, scented and customised candles are much more sensitive to thermal shocks and heat changes, especially during transport, storage and production.

The CS 6000 contains antioxidants and therefore helps to chemically stabilise your candles by slowing down the oxidation of the dyes, fragrances and waxes in your candles.

Compatible with all types of candle wax.

Recommended dosage from 0.2 to 0.5%.

Other features
Type of use Additive
Packaging Granules
Type of wax Additive
Origin Europe
Additives For Waxes
  • Safety data sheet (295 Kb)

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