Rapeseed Wax for moulded candles
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    Rapeseed wax for moulded candles and wax melts

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    For moulded candles

    • 100% vegetable, biodegrable and vegan.
    • Perfectly suited for moulded candles and wax melts.
    • Can be used with dyes and fragrances
    • Long life
    • No toxic substances when burned

    Rapeseed wax is a very interesting solution if you're looking for a product that is both aesthetic and ethical. This 100% rapeseed wax is ideal for making moulded candles and wax melts.

    Choose rapeseed wax for your candles

    The advantages of rapeseed wax:

    • 100% vegetable wax, no GMOs, no pesticides.
    • Does not contain paraffin.
    • Wax can be dyed and essential oils can be added.
    • Vegan product.
    • This wax is both stable and flexible and can be used for moulded candles or wax melts.
    • Low temperature burning point for total preservation of the fragrances used.
    • The wax has a neutral smell so does not alter any scents you add.
    • Long life, thanks to the low burning temperature.
    • Burning does not generate toxic substances or smoke.
    • Rapeseed wax is hydrosoluble, does not stain and is easily cleaned off with water.

    Rapeseed wax is not the easiest to work with but it results in charming candles. It is therefore an aesthetic solution, as well as being ethical. Rapeseed is a local product, grown in existing fields to allow the soil time to regenerate in between two crops.

    We recommend its use

    Candle fragrances

    Rapeseed wax can be used with any scent. It is recommended that you choose a good quality one so as not to impair the candle's burning. This will also provide the very best odour.

    The recommended dosage for candle fragrance is between 5-10%, depending on the strength of the scent and your preferences. It is also possible to use essential oils. In this case, several drops will be enough, according to your preference.

    The fragrance is added when the rapeseed wax is at a temperature of between 70 and 73°C.

    Filling the candle

    The recommended pouring temperature for rapeseed wax is between 75 and 80°C. It is therefore very important to have a thermometer to hand to check the temperature.

    The burning point for rapeseed wax candles is between 57 and 61°C and the maximum temperature never to exceed is 120°C.

    Candle wicks

    For rapeseed candle wax, you must use a relatively thick flat wick, several sizes above the normal size for other waxes. Cotton wicks are a very good solution.

    Candle dyes

    Rapeseed wax candles dye very well.

    On our site, you'll find a whole range of dyes to give your candles beautiful colours. These are available in powders, liquid or shavings. You add them during the heating phase, when it reaches at least 70°C, and mix well to ensure that the colour is evenly spread. If you also add fragrance, it will be incorporated at the end of this stage.

    Cooling the candle

    It is very important that the cooling takes place very quickly. Therefore, avoid leaving the different containers or moulds too close to each other. This can take place at room temperature.

    Other features
    Type of use Moulded candle Scented melts/pebbles
    Packaging pastilles variables selon arrivage
    Colour of the wax beige à ivoire selon arrivage
    Weight 2 kg 25 kg 5 kg
    Melting point 52-54°C
    Type of wax Plant-based Rapeseed
    Vegan Not tested on animals" and "Vegan"

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