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Terre de Bougies offers a wide range of more than 300 fragrances so you can give your candles the scents of your choice. Many fragrances are available, from the most classic to the most original. You're sure to find one that is ideal for your home.

All the fragrances you could wish for

The entire selection of perfumes from Terre de Bougie is divided into families. This allows you to picture the fragrances so you can find one that you like.

The many different fragrances means you can find at least one for every room in your house. Immerse yourself in the fragrances that you know and try out new olfactory experiences.

Terre de Bougies allows you to find fragrances that you associate with particular events in life or with regions, places or ambiances... Aromatic, ephemeral, floral, fruity, woody and delicious are just some of the adjectives used to describe the different perfumes offered by Terre de Bougies.

High-quality perfumes

Terre de Bougies only works with trusted suppliers so you can buy high-quality products.

All the perfumes in the store comply strictly with European (CLP CE N°1907/2006 & 1223/2009/CEE) and French standards (IFRA).

All the perfumes are made by master perfumers in France. The product information sheet for each perfume is detailed, to inform you about the presence or lack of CMR and to advise you on how to use the products.

How are candle fragrances used?

There are two ways to use a perfumed oil to add scent to a candle. The scent will then be diffused throughout your room.

The first, and simplest method involves adding a few drops of perfume to the wax of a candle as it burns. It is important that the candle has a neutral odour. It's a simple solution but doesn't allow you to diffuse the scents for very long. The perfume needs to be renewed regularly with a pipette or a dropper. Just one drop is all that's needed.

The second method requires a bit more work, particularly because you're making your own candles. The perfume needs to be added directly to the wax as it's melting in the bain-marie. The more drops you add, the stronger the scent will be when you light the candle. Recommended doses: 7% for candles 10% for melts.

Improve your well-being

Candles can help you relax and discover new horizons through new fragrances.

You can also get advice on making your candles so they give you the greatest satisfaction in terms of scents and designs.

Your well-being comes from having a home that reflects your personality and scents that you like. Find our special fragrances for massage candles, and the perfect fragrances to create a romantic atmosphere. Get great prices on end-of-range fragrances.

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